Thanks for your interests on nEO iMAGING. I'm "nEO", the author of nEO iMAGING.

I try to design the nEO iMAGING as the Swiss Army Knife for digital photo processing. It targets ordinary users who desire professional results but don't want to go through tedious learning process. It employed powerful toolsets which can turn your photos from plain ordinary into fresh stunning in just a few clicks.

nEO iMAGING supports more than 30 common graphic formats.  Of course it can do simple job like resize, crop/flip, rotate, exposure adjustment, bad pixel repair, red eye reduction e.t.c. which other software can do. But nEO iMAGING does them in a smarter way. For example, you can use "Digital Spot Meter" to light up the horribly underexposed face with just one click.

If you need your photo glow, that's exact what nEO iMAGING will do. I encourage you go through the Function Demo page to get a feeling of the amble and unique toolsets it will bring to you. Let me say this way, to make your image out of ordinary is just a few seconds away!

When publishing your photos on web, did you ever desire to put water mark on your photos, to add a special mood by "framing", to print EXIF on the photo or to give exotic LOMO looks?  nEO iMAGING can do all that and more.

Saving your time and effort is both your goal and mine. nEO iMAGING's Batch Auto Function allows you to apply a serial of actions or process a bunch of photos in one shot. You do the thinking, and let nEO iMAGING do the work...

Last, but not the least, nEO iMAGING is a living software. By "living", I mean I listen to you and I improve it.