You just discovered the easiest way to set your photos apart from ordinary!

nEO iMAGING is one of the most popular image processing software originated in China. Since its first freeware version, the accumulated download has been over several millions. Within millions new digital cameras owners each year, a lots of them turns to nEO iMAGING because they found this is the most efficient way to make their photos stand out.

It's our honor to bring this great product to the rest of the world.

Designed with easy use in mind, nEO iMAGING only needs few mouse clicks to finish tremendous jobs otherwise needs professional training. Functions range from simply jobs like red eye removal, white balance correction or exposure adjustment, to fantastic professional looks effects, complicated auto batch manipulation, no matter you are just a digital camera user seeking to save a photo or label dates, or a web publisher trying to grab attentions by framing your pictures in a eye-catch way, or a serious photo amateur looking for a time saving solution before you overcome the steep leaning curve of Photoshop, you all can find value in nEO iMAGING.

Behind nEO iMAGING's easy-going interface, it is backed by sophisticated photo processing algorithms and techniques. Some of them evolved from common algorithms used in professional photo processing software, some of them are invented by nEO himself. Now matter how complicated are they, they have been pre -packed to the standard that you don't need training at all.

Here are what nEO iMAGING can do:

V 1.0

Basic Functions:

[Supported Formats]: Support more than 30 common graphic formats including PSD, GIF, JPG, PNG, PCX, TIF. It also supports camera raw formats from more than 10 popular Camera models from Nikon, Canon, Konica Minolta, Fuji, Sigma, Pentax, Olympus

[Enhanced Photo Viewing Experience] Conveniently designed to view photos. It support Slide Show (Configurable Timing), Full Screen View (Configurable screen components), and Auto Rotation. It supports mouse roller to next or previous photo, a lots of hot keys for basic operations to accelerate viewing process.

[Quick Editing] nEO iMAGING make the edit a pleasure experience. You can easily Resize (upsize or downsize with optimal algorithm, keep aspect ration or not), Rotate (free rotation, preset angle or user-drawn level line), Crop (Smart center, free crop, or any user defined aspect ratio).

[Quick Adjustment] nEO iMAGING enable you do Level (redefine the boundary of the bright and dark), Curve (more professional way to change contrast), Channel Mixer, individual RGB Adjustment, Hue/Saturation adjustment. You can Sharpen, Blur and Invert your photo.

[Thorough Info. Display] nEO iMAGING displays most EXIF (camera model, date and time, camera parameters, lens information and much more..) on information pellet; it also support mouse pin point and display X/Y coordinates, RGB level and HSL (Hue, Saturation and Lightness) at pixel level.

[Unlimited Undo or Redo] You can regret for what you did unlimitedly. How many software has this?

[EXIF Lossless or Stripe] No EXIF information will be lost when re-save or you can choose to strip EXIF at file save.

[Green Software] It doesn't leave garbage in your system.

Advanced Functions:

[Auto Exposure] Automatically adjust exposure. Just one click on the tool bar!

[Spot Meter] It simulates the spot meter on Professional SLR camera. You just need move the mouse to the spot you want properly exposed, the exposure of the whole picture will be adjusted automatically.

[One Touch White Balance Fix] Fix shifted white balance automatically or manually pin point to 1 neutral grey pixel!

[Auto White Balance Fix] Smart fix shifted white balance.

[Extreme White Balance Fix] Fix severely shifted white balance as well as pull back color overflow.

[Add noise] Sometimes you need it to add noise for a special taste.

[Slide Film Effect] Resemble the color response of traditional slide film with nice contrast and saturation.

[Cross Processing Effect] Resemble the artsy effect of the special chemical development process of traditional film.

[Black and White Effect] It's NOT a simple de-saturation. It simulates contrast and grayscale of black and white film.

[Soft Focus Lens Effect] Resemble the dreamy effect from soft focus lens.

[Studio Style Effect] Resemble popular studio color and softness.

[Yellow Filter Effect] Another way to resemble the color of old photos. A little warm.

[High Dynamic Range Negative Film Effect] Try to resemble the high dynamic range, color level and dark detail of negative films.

[Sunset Render Effect] Shift color and enhance saturation for sunset or sunrise scene. Amazing!

[Aged Photo Effect] Add some age to your photos. Several types to choose from.

[LOMO Effect] Resemble styles from LOMO camera, like dark corners, add noise... every exotic!

[Mono Effect] Several types of Mono tones to choose from.

[DarkField LighuUP] Compensate area which were under exposed.

[Highlight Reduction] Repair over-exposed area with some textures and details otherwise lost!

[Yellow Skin Tone Reduction] Correct yellowish skin tone. One key operation.

[Anti Distortion] Create or remove lens distortion effect.

[Digital Noise Reduction] Eliminate red and red and green color noise without impacting picture details.

[Beautician] Make skin super smooth without affecting much sharpness like hair or eyes. Girls love that!

[Red Eye Reduction/Stain Remove] Remove red color caused by flash or blemish on skin.

[Bracket Exposure 3 in 1] Combine 3 differently exposed photo into 1 high dynamic range photo.

[Flower Red Reducer] Reduce over-saturated red and pull back some detail caused by overflow red.

[Night Noise Reduction] Reduce noise in night scene photo with large area black without affecting sharpness.

[CCD Hot/Dead Pixel Tool] Fix dead pixels based on a sample all-black photo.

[Combined Photo] Layout multiple photos in one sheet. Good for creating album or online publish like online-store.

[ID Photo Layout] Layout multiple small ID photos or wallet size photo into one standard size printing paper. Money saver!

[Text Label] You can set 5 text signatures and background with any color of opaque level and position them on the photos.

[Watermark] You can stamps your personalized water mark at any location.

[Free Text Layer] Provide a more flexible way for text label and water mark.

[Easy Frame] The easiest way to add frames to your photos. It allow you automatically extract EXIF like date, shutter speed, Aperture and pritnt any location on your photo.

[Luxus Frame] Same easy to use but the frames are more beautiful.

[Mask Frame] More complicated frames add more favor.

[IE Magic Effects] Creates magic result for web photos.

[Auto Process] A serial of actions can be saved. Next time you just load the recipe and all actions can be done in seconds.

[Batch Process] You can process a bunch of photos with very customizable setting to save you tons of time! Most of the things nEO iMAGING can do are available for batch process, like rename, resize, dead pixel fix, text label, water mark, crop, ID photo layout, sharpen, slide effect, add extended frame or mask frame.