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Slide Film Effect

Simulating the color of the slide film is one of the important functions of nEO iMAGING. Color responses are altered in the program to achieve higher contrast and bright eye-catching feeling. The algorithm has been optimized for several times in order to preserve the subtle texture in dark area yet assure no blow out at high key field. The Red is reproduced accurately. Transition between colors is smooth with no artifact looking. Several options are provided to users. Among them Portrait mode is optimized based on color tone of East Asian whose yellowish skin tone need to be well controlled.

AE (Auto Exposure)
When shooting at back light condition, camera may expose based on the strong background light which result a severely under-exposed the subject face. Digital Exposure Compensation can help bring the under exposed face back to light while without touching the properly exposed area. Effort was taken to optimization the transition between dark and bright to achieve a natural look. In addition, the smart algorithm assures no glow appear at bright area. Enhanced compensation can increase the magnitude of the correction in large scale.

Sunset Render
In addition to render sunset, this function also can be used on portrait and other landscape photo. It warms up the bright area and blue-lize the dark field to make the color vivid. Subtle texture at dark field was preserved. This function also allows users to adjust color balance, texture preserve and saturation control. User can experiment whatever they want for different moods.

Old Photo
A special effect with little color but profound contrast and grainy. You can keep your photos in your shoebox for 30 years to get same look but this function only needs 1 sec.

Black and White Effect
There are 2 parameters Balance and Contrast can be adjusted. Both can affect the look of grey scale. When contrast set to -20 the result look like B&W processed negatives. 


Cross Processing Effect

Back to film age, the final result from cross processed negatives can be dramatically different which all depends on how the photographers are able/unable to control their experiments and their personal tastes. Crossed process negatives created some interesting looks featured unusual high contrast between warm and cold color, saturated high key and severe shifted low key color. If user wants to adjust the parameters, it�s recommended that followed by a auto exposure adjust in order to increase the contrast.

High Dynamic Negative Effect
This special function separates detail calculation in high key and low key area and lead to a high dynamic range photo. Very low loss is achieved for fine details. It�s my intention to achieve a result looks like photo on high dynamic range negative. This function has been optimized for several times in order to preserve original color. The contrast and color response are simulated to resemble negative film. The final result is very close to combination of bracket exposed photos.

Night Noise Reduction
I developed this function in order to get rid of the glow or noise at night scene but preserve the fine details of the lights, building structure and over all sharpness. Different from main stream algorithm, my way doesn�t use any blur so the sharpness is well preserved.

White Balance One Touch Fix
Each digital camera manufacturer has tried their best for in-camera white balance correction. But under certain complicated lighting circumstances, the auto balance still can be fooled and result a photo with heavy color cast. �White Balance One Touch Fix� can save the photo by implementing a white balance correction at post processing.
When using �White Balance One Touch Fix�, we simply point to a neutral (meaning non-colored) subject in the image and let the program do the rest. Things like neutral subjects includes: white teeth, white wall, uncolored floor, uncolored paper e.t.c.. The review is real time so you can try several objects until you think you get the good result.

You can also adjust the R,G,B channel for further correction if needed.
Your visual involvement is important for the white balance correction. However at complicated lighting condition, especially when there is complicated color transition area between warm and cold, it's hard to eye ball the right color balance. You only need to make sure the main subject is correctly white-balanced.

Please be reminded that to correctly set the in-camera white is still very important because if the camera is set too wrong you will need large scale white balance adjustment which causes color cover flow and make the picture look pretty bad.

CCD Bad Pixel Repair
CCD bad pixels will leave bad spots at exactly same location of all your photos. Don't it bother your? Those bad spots can be removed by the bad pixel repair function. It interpolates the value based on the value of pixels surrounding the bad spots. To get out the full potential of this function, an all-black sample photo from the same camera should be provided to the software to allow it accurately detect the position of the bad pixels.
Compare Mode and Normal Mode
The compare mode allow the users to compare before and after in a convenient way. At normal mode, one can zoom in or out freely. The maximum magnification is 1000%. Mouse roller is also supported. During the picture process, you can call up a function manual by right clicking the mouse.

Level and Curve
Level and Curve are probably two most frequently used function in Adobe Photoshop. This software provide similar functions.
Skin Yellow Reduction
This function effetely reduce the yellowish look of the skin tone.
Water Mark
You can use this function to protect your photo or make them unique in your way. Not only text can be used, you also can use picture as the watermark. For example you can make a icon for your signature or personal stamp. To put it onto your photo you only need a click.

The water mark support transparent or semi-transparent file format like PSD, PNG and GIF. With the batch process function, you can stamp all your photo at one shot.

Don't know how to make the transparent icon? No problem, you can find thousands pre-made stamps on internet. Just choose a few!


You can store your collection at My Favorite otherwise the amount of available frames maybe too overwhelming.
There are more frames you can find in the forum.

Mask Frame

Add some mood to your photos? Another useful tool is the Mask Frame.

You can designed your own masks. Copy your own masks to the MASK folder to let the program see it.


Highlight Reduction
Sometimes flash is used when the camera is tool close to the subject, which leaves an over exposed area which fades out the original color. It's recommended to apply Exposure Reduction for those over-exposed photo to recover most detail and color. Similar to Exposure Compensation, there are 2 parameters to adjust.

Anti Distortion
Usually there are 2 types of lens distortion accompanying most zoom lens - barrel distortion at wide side and pincushion at tele side. These distortions can be fixed by lens distortion Correction easily.

ID Photo Layout
You can arrange small ID photo at standard 3x5 or 4x6 paper.

Combined Photo
This function is very useful for internet publish, such as internet seller who need put multiple photos into one. It's easy and flexible. There are some templates to start with, like 2x2、3x3. While open multiple photos, it's still possible to hide opened photo. To add more convenience, you don't even need pre-apply special effects to the photos, just right click the right mouse button and that will load up some special effects for you to choose from.
Noise Reduction

Soft focus lens mostly is used on portrait shooting to create a romantic feeling. This function is developed on common theory used in Photoshop but with more optimization - the algorithm is designed separately for bright and dark part - so it's rather smart function.

You also can apply it on some landscape or other subjects if you like.


Soft Focus Lens

Soft focus lens mostly is used on portrait shooting to create a romantic feeling. This function is developed on common theory used in Photoshop but with more optimization - the algorithm is designed separately for bright and dark part - so it's rather smart function.

You also can apply it on some landscape or other subjects if you like.

Bracket Exposure 3 in 1
As you may know the raw file contains higher dynamic range than in-camera process JPEG. If you desire more dynamic range in JPEG file, you can do it at post processing stage. 3 different exposed photos (under exposed, normal, over exposed) can generated from one Raw file by adjusting the exposure in your raw converter. Then this program can help you create a high dynamic photo by combining the 3 photos together. It results a photo with details in both dark and bright field.

Extreme White Balance Fix

This is a unique function from nEO iMAGING. It's designed to correct severe white balance shift due to things like wrong white balance setting. Severe white balance problem can cause color over flow usually is difficult to correct. This program can estimate the magnitude of color shift and apply correction automatically. It's also can pull back a little lost detail. The whole correction doesn't need user involve and no parameters to set.

For photos with severe white balance shift, it's recommended to use this function prior to White Balance One Key fix.

Flower Red Reducer
Digital cameras tend to over saturate the Red color which make the texture in the red appear to be lost. The Red De-saturation can pull back the red overflow and repair the texture effectively. Thanks YiGe for providing the algorithm.


Skin polish + soft focus lens. It automatically recognize skin tone and smooth out the obvious pores. The polishing algorithm keeps the fine detail like eyes or hairs as much as possible so it minimized the impact to sharpness. 

Note: If there are some obvious blemish or other imperfection on skin, another function "Stain Remover" is suggested to be used before you apply Facial Treatment function.  

IE Magic Photo
It's a interesting tool. The photo appear to be black & white in your IE browser, when you select the photo with Ctrl+A, the photo becomes colored! A magic effect!

<<<Try me with CTRL+A ~

Red Eye / Stain Removal
Just click on the red eyes. Software can scale the scope of red eyes automatically.

To remove the blemish or imperfection, it's as easy as Red Eye removal. 

Studio Style
If you look at some photo from studios, you may notice regardless the real skin tone and smoothness of the subjects, the pictures all show super smooth skin with very dreamy mood. It probably doesnt matter if you like it or not, a lot of girls like it! By using this function, you can achieve same result in a brief second.