Thanks for choosing nEO Imaging.

nEO iMAGING has teamed up with PureTech (Canada) for sales and support of English version of nEO iMAGING. This website, the purchasing and support process are managed by PureTech.

Should you need purchase the other language version of this software, Please
Price Information:

Buyers from outside Canada pay CAD28.75 (US$24.99).

Canadian outside Ontario pay CAD30.50 (US$26.49) including GST.

Ontario buyers pay CAD32.75 (US$ 28.49) including GST and PST. 

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Download and install the nEO iMAGING and make sure the functions meet your requirement.
  2. Make you payment by clicking one of above Paypal BuyNow buttons suitable for your situation.  
  3. Open your email and provide following things in your email:
  • Open nEO iMAGING, click Help/Resister , you will see the following screen. Click Copy to copy the machine Code and paste it into your email.

  • Your name and phone number. (We will never call you, it's for our record only in case you need new register code).
  • Your payment reference # from Paypal.

Send and email to [email protected]

You will receive your register code in 24 hours. Just input your name and Register code in the the registration window and click "Register".

After the payment:

  • You will receive invoice and registration code within 24 hours.

  • You will be entitled for free minor upgrade until major revision.

  • Free major revision within 1 year.

  • Support for register code for your PC hardware change. *

  • If major revision released after one year, you only need pay half price to upgrade.  

  • Email and forum support.

* We reserve the right to justify the abuse.

Refund Policy:

All purchase is final. To avoid the hassle, please download the unregistered version for evaluation. The unregistered version is fully functional except:

  • The remind of registration will pop up from time to time.
  • When you save file, the software will count down for 10 seconds before each save.
  • On the saved file, nEO iMAGING web address shows somewhere on the photo.